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Benefits To Hire Xamarin Developers From ThinkODC

Looking to hire Xamarin developers and unlock innovation? At ThinkODC, we provide direct access to top Xamarin app developers to build the mobile apps you envision. You can manage and communicate with the team without any third-party interference. Our experts craft sophisticated enterprise solutions for iOS, Android and Windows.

More than 65 global companies have leveraged our flexible, cost-effective platform to expand capabilities rapidly on demand. Hire dedicated Xamarin developers and get the specialized expertise to bring bold ideas to life, faster.

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Expertise You Get By Hiring Xamarin developers From ThinkODC

  • In-depth knowledge of C#, .NET Framework, Visual Studio and XAML
  • Mastery of Xamarin.Forms for building cross-platform mobile apps
  • Ability to create fully native UIs and leverage platform-specific APIs
  • Experience with RESTful services and third-party libraries like SQLite
  • Skills for incorporating device capabilities like GPS, camera, push notifications
  • Strong debugging skills across iOS, Android and Windows environments
  • Understanding of MVVM, unit testing principles and DevOps workflows
  • Knowledge of performance profiling and optimization techniques
  • Proficiency in visually appealing designs and animations
  • Commitment to staying updated on the latest Xamarin features and enhancements

Our Developers Adhere to Standard Coding Practices

Our dedicated Xamarin developers adhere to full-stack Xamarin app development models and apply the best industry standards to create top-notch cross-platform applications - ensuring a seamless native-like experience for iOS and Android.

  • Standardize cross-platform libraries
  • Use consistent naming conventions
  • Use OPPS for native functionality
  • Follow established style guides
  • Modularize reusable components
  • Isolate platform-specific code
  • Handle errors gracefully
  • Support multiple resolutions
  • Optimize performance judiciously

Our Range of Xamarin Development Services

Custom App Development

Hire dedicated Xamarin developers from India to get end-to-end application design and development services for your specific business requirements.

App Migration

Utilize the expertise of our Xamarin programmers to migrate and upgrade your legacy application to Xamarin and unlock the benefits of cross-platform development.

Xamarin App Consulting

Hire Xamarin developers having wealth of experience in providing Xamarin app consulting services to global clients. Get the best advice with less cost and improved efficiency.

Xamarin Multi-platform App Development

Hire dedicated Xamarin coders and leverage their expertise to create a native-like application that runs on multiple platforms and saves development time and cost.

Xamarin Team Augmentation

With our Xamarin team augmentation services, you get developers who seamlessly blend in with your current team, are flexible enough to work in your timezone, and increase your development potential.

Support & Maintenance

Get access to our support and maintenance services to resolve issues, improve performance, and ensure the seamless functioning of your applications.

Our Xamarin Developer’s Expertise

Hire certified Xamarin developers and leverage the full potential of their expertise in working with cutting-edge technology to create dynamic and futuristic applications.

Flexible Engagement Models

The right engagement model decides your success journey. Select the one you need from below.

Time and Material

When unsure about your project requirement and confident that there would be frequent changes in tasks, this method is for you. Here, you can pay as you go with an hour-wise rolling contract.

  • Flexibility
  • Inconsistent workflow
  • Unclear requirements
  • Transparency & collaboration

Controlled Agile

When you are tight with your budget, need on-demand attention to take care of any urgent requirement, and have flexibility against future changes, engage with us to get the same.

  • Total control over the project
  • Agile team
  • Optimal flexibility
  • Small project

Dedicated Team

If your project need is exceptional, is not strictly defined and needs dedicated attention by experienced professionals, our offshore dedicated software development team is there to help you.

  • World-class infrastructure
  • No hidden costs
  • High flexibility
  • Accountability and transparency

Hire Xamarin App Developers to Accelerate Success

Gain instant access to India's top 1% Xamarin developers with our 14-day risk-free trial. Our simple process bypasses tedious hiring.

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Why Hire Xamarin Developers From ThinkODC?

At ThinkODC, you get world-class infrastructure and direct access to expert Xamarin developers with vast experience in cutting-edge technologies. Aside from that, you will receive the additional benefits listed below.

Innovative Solutions

Our expert Xamarin developers use cutting-edge technology to turn your futuristic idea into an innovative app.

Unified Development

Our team of designers, developers, and QA specialists employ agile methodologies to build apps tailored to clients’ requirements.

Client Centric Approach

Our approach is simple, client-centric, and designed with 100% transparency ensuring all our clients a seamless Xamarin app development services.

Absolute Native App Experience

Our Xamarin coders are experts at creating applications that deliver a native-like user experience across all platforms using a single code base.

Shared C# Code

Our Xamarin programmers are skilled at producing scalable mobile apps using the same data structures, APIs, IDE, and language on a shared C# codebase.

Technological Expertise

Our offshore Xamarin developers are proficient in using cutting-edge Xamarin technologies like C#, Xamarin Studio, the NuGet package manager and more.

Hire Offshore Xamarin Programmers in 3 Easy Steps

Don’t settle for slow hiring. Quickly hire top Xamarin developers with our three easy steps and boost productivity. We efficiently match you to qualified candidates to meet your project needs.


Clarify Your Objectives

Clearly define your project's objectives, technical requirements, and desired outcomes to our experts. We'll ensure complete alignment with your goals.


Discovery Call

Create a customized strategy with our experts. Discuss resourcing, timelines, reporting, and all aspects to ensure your project's success.


Best Outsourcing Plan

Receive a comprehensive execution plan to launch your project smoothly and effectively. We'll craft a solution focused on your success.

What Customers say

We have added value to our client's businesses by providing them with solutions of the highest calibre. They loved the services we offered and spent their precious time complimenting us. See what they are saying.

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They have a flexible engagement model and highly experienced developers who are capable of grasping our vision and meeting our current and future demands.

Michael Olimski

General Manager, Germany

Testimonial Thumb

Their effortless knowledge transfer and expertise that exceeded my expectations helped to make a wise decision of choosing Peerbits.


Founder of TutorialsEU, Germany

Testimonial Thumb

I was impressed with their approach, and technical expertise and delighted with their on-time delivery. I was lucky to find them and going to enjoy their services for a long time.

Masoud AL Rawahi

CEO of PhazeRo, Oman

Our Awards, Recognition, and Accolades

Over the years, our Xamarin developers have worked tirelessly to deliver top-notch solutions to our clients. As a result, we have won numerous awards, accolades, and recognition mentioned below.


Our Success Stories

We have provided best-in-class solutions to our clients by overcoming obstacles and successfully bringing their visions to life. Check out how we deliver the dynamic solution to our clients here:

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Absolutely! Our Xamarin developers have expertise in integrating third-party libraries and APIs to enhance the functionality and capabilities of mobile apps. They can seamlessly integrate various services, such as social media integration, payment gateways, and more.

By hiring Xamarin developers from ThinkODC, you benefit from a talented team that brings extensive experience in Xamarin development. Our developers deliver high-quality, cross-platform apps with native performance by adhering to best coding practices. This ensures prompt communication, and provides excellent support throughout the development process.

Yes, they can! Our Xamarin developers possess expertise in optimizing mobile apps for optimal performance and efficient battery usage. They employ industry best practices and employ techniques to minimize resource consumption. This results in fast and power-efficient apps.

Security is a top priority for us. Our Xamarin developers follow industry-standard security practices to safeguard your app and user data. Our expert Xamarin developers implement secure data transmission, robust authentication mechanisms, and data encryption to protect against potential threats.

Yes, our Xamarin developers are available for app maintenance and updates even after the initial development phase. They can provide ongoing support, implement feature enhancements, address bug fixes, and ensure compatibility with new OS versions.

Our Xamarin developers follow a rigorous testing and debugging process. They conduct comprehensive unit testing, integration testing, and device testing to ensure the app functions flawlessly across various scenarios. Bugs and issues are identified and resolved promptly. This guarantees a stable and reliable app.