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The startup company specializes in digital products for lean management, supporting businesses in implementing effective strategies and management systems such as Six Sigma, Lean Management, and Hoshin Kanri. With our software, you can streamline processes and ensure successful completion of all your projects and tasks, even when handling multiple projects at once.

One of our clients approached us with a unique idea to automate and accelerate their internal project management tool, with the broader vision of helping other organizations save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity. They tasked us with designing a user-friendly interface, developing smart features with a powerful backend, and supporting scalable servers that can handle real-time traffic.

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  • Develop a file explorer feature with the same look, feel, and functionality as Windows Explorer.
  • Integrate the Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment feature to ensure alignment with the company's strategic goals and drive progress.
  • Enhance the existing KPI-Aggregation feature with advanced functionality within the software.
  • Include a feature for downloading the X-Matrix in PDF format.
  • Implement a flexible, user-friendly Kanban board that is easy to use for all users.


  • We developed the file explorer feature from scratch, utilizing the Flex UI library to create a component that closely mimics the look and functionality of the Windows file explorer.
  • To implement the Hoshin Kanri feature, we thoroughly studied the concept and wrote logical code to integrate Breakthrough Objectives, Interval Objectives, Initiatives, and Sub-Initiatives into the system.
  • We utilized JsPdf, an open-source library, and html2Canvas to provide the necessary format for jsPDF to convert and generate PDF documents. This allows users to download and save these files.
  • To implement the Kanban board, we used the 3rd party library - Syncfusion-Kanban, and customized it to allow organizations to manage work at both a personal and organizational level.


  • Meeting scheduling
  • Upload signed files
  • Biometric authentication
  • Chatbot
  • Download files
  • Investment contracts

Tech stacks used in making this project successful

We utilized a variety of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to develop lean management software, including:


Angular, .Net Core


C#, .Net 6.0, Angular 12.2.0, NgRx 12.5


MS SQL Server

Libraries & Packages

Syncfusion, Quartz, Transloco, Ngx-loading-bar

Tools & Utilities

NPM, TS, NX, Trello, SourceTree, Postman, GitHub

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