It is a well-known fact that most startups fail. Startups often need a flexible and powerful option for mobile and web app development that helps them get the perfect solution without breaking their bank. Startups that often look for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test the product among a small set of users and collect feedback. Most of the startups consider Flutter for saving their time and money. With minimal investment, the entrepreneurs can get the right products at affordable prices.

As Flutter makes coding simple and provides all the tools required to build apps that perform smoothly, it is a preferred choice of several developers and users worldwide. Flutter is used by organizations of all sizes across all industry verticals. Once MVP is built with Flutter, startups can gain feedback from their target audience, realign their business strategy and add the features required in their final version of the app.

MVPs are an important part of the experimentation process that helps startups and small business owners. It can remain crucial throughout the lifetime of the business. Now, we will try to understand why Flutter is the best choice for MVP development.

Benefits of Flutter for MVP development

Flutter for MVP development is a great option to launch a product idea into the market. One can collect the feedback from the clients and make the necessary changes for the product.


Minimum development cost

It is a known fact that Flutter supports Dart as its primary language. It is very easy to use and even newbie programmers can save a lot of time and money by using Flutter for mobile app development. Being a simple programming language, it keeps the development coding to the minimum and the code is shared across Android and iOS.

As less development is required to build Flutter apps, it helps in lowering the development costs. Even the time-to-market expenses can be reduced by choosing Flutter for mobile app development. Startups can get the product with minimum development cost and spend the rest of the money on other aspects of their business.

Flexible user interface

Flutter is known to be a flexible and scalable framework for cross platform app development. Flutter owns Cupertino and Materials along with the default animations for creating rich motion and scrolling. It allows Flutter developers to design awesome apps that work smoothly across all the major devices. Flutter app developers can also customize the widgets according to the preferences and requirements.


One of the major reasons why Flutter SDK is popular among small to large businesses is that it is a scalable option. With one single codebase, one can build a web, desktop, and embedded device application. It is easy to integrate more features as your business grows. As your product grows, you can expand the solutions without compromising on its quality.

Faster time-to-market

As Flutter comes with built-in widgets and components, it helps to simplify the app development process. It reduces the development time and decreases the chances of errors also. Whenever Flutter developers make changes to the code of the app, there is no need to recompile the code. Flutter’s hot reload feature allows you to see the changes on the go. Hence, the app can be developed quickly.

Native mobile app development

Large businesses that have huge budgets may consider building native apps. Small businesses and startups that have a tiny budget can opt for Flutter app development. When you choose Flutter for app development, it ensures high performance and amazing user experiences across iOS and Android devices, just like a native app does.

Attract investors

Startups require sizable investments and with Flutter development, one can attract more visitors and customers who may be interested in the app idea. You can attract a lot of investors for your project with Flutter mobile app development.

Flutter – The Ultimate Solution for MVP Development

Flutter is known for its faster time to market, greater flexibility, lower development costs, and scalability. It ensures high performance across all the mobile platforms and this is what makes it a preferred choice of several clients and business owners who wish to build an MVP. Flutter is indeed the best choice for startups and small and large businesses looking for cross platform app development.

With minimum resources, you can get a full-fledged, feature-rich mobile app for your business. ThinkODC has a team of experienced Flutter developers for hire. You can hire dedicated Flutter developers on a part-time or full-time basis to get the most for your project. With years of experience in Flutter development services, we have worked on a lot of projects, and helped several clients achieve their business objectives. We can help you too! Contact us to know how we can help you get custom Flutter app development solutions.


Tej Chalishazar

Tej Chalishazar is a tech expert at ThinkODC, a leading technology firm specializing in Web and App development. With extensive experience in managing multiple projects and leading a team, Tej is responsible for ensuring the quality delivery of all projects at ThinkODC. He is known for his technical expertise and commitment to excellence, making him a valuable asset to the company and its clients.

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