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Scale up Quickly with Dedicated Developers from ThinkODC

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Scale up Quickly with Dedicated Developers from ThinkODC

  • Last Updated on December 21, 2023
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As your business grows rapidly, keeping pace with development needs can be challenging. You land bigger deals, expand into newer markets, and add more customers - all good signs!

But the thing is, your current development team strains to keep up.

If you're a growing business, chances are you've faced this challenge at some point.

An under-resourced development team can slow down operations, leading to missed deadlines, buggy product launches, and difficulty keeping up with the competition.

That's where you need more developers, and you need them fast.

And there's a solution for that - ThinkODC

At ThinkODC, we provide dedicated developers to augment your team on demand. In this post, we'll explore the major challenges growing businesses face in scaling up their tech capacity. We'll then explain how ThinkODC offers the ideal solution for that.

So, without further delay, let's get started!

Common Challenges When Scaling Up Quickly


Attempting to grow your team of dedicated developers to meet today's demands comes with several pain points:

Difficulty finding qualified developers

Every company uses different technology stacks. When you need to add more developers, finding ones who match your specific skills mix can eat up countless hours of sourcing and interviewing candidates. Even then, you risk ending up with misaligned skills that require extensive training before new hires can meaningfully contribute.

Time-consuming hiring process

Expanding development capacity often demands long lead times in traditional models. First, you have to advertise positions, screen dozens of applicants, conduct successive interview rounds, check references, extend offers, and negotiate start dates.

The whole process usually takes between 2–6 months before new hires are working on your projects.

High cost of recruitment and training

Companies invest a tremendous amount of resources into recruiting developers, integrating them, and keeping them engaged. SHRM estimates that costs per hire average over $4,700.

Then there's the investment put into training new developers in your tech stack and ramping them up to full productivity. Lots of money goes into gaining solid team members - money that could have gone toward building your product.

Lack of control over project timelines and budgets

Between talent gaps and hiring lags, projects easily fall behind schedule. Your product roadmap relies on cross-functional collaboration and the availability of key roles. Unfilled developer seats leave initiatives stalled out and budgets overrun. Before you know it, you've missed major go-to-market milestones.

Communication challenges

Some organizations attempt offshore outsourcing to access developer talent quickly and affordably. However, distance and cultural barriers make it tremendously difficult to align priorities and expectations. Miscommunications around project details frequently derail offshore engagements.

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ThinkODC’s Solutions: Seamless Access to Exceptional Talent


ThinkODC overcomes all these familiar staffing headaches through our community of exceptional developers available for dedicated roles aligning directly with your needs:

Pre-vetted and experienced developers across various technologies

Unlike traditional recruitment, ThinkODC maintains a qualified talent pool across technologies and domains. Developer candidates undergo rigorous screening and assessments before earning spots in the ThinkODC network.

This means you avoid lengthy sourcing and interviewing. Only extensively evaluated candidates become available for client engagements.

Seamless onboarding and integration into your existing team

Once we understand your technical and project needs, we immediately match you with developers possessing relevant skills and experience. After handling visa logistics, equipment, workspace, etc., we onboard new team members directly into your systems and environment.

With full context and direct support from your staff, our developers integrate seamlessly and hit the ground running from day one.

Dedicated project managers for clear communication and collaboration

Maintaining alignment with a dedicated team of offshore developers is critical. To this end, we equip every engagement with dedicated project managers. These PMs handle all coordination through calls, video meetings, daily stand-ups, messaging, status reports and more – giving you complete visibility.

Along with matching time zones whenever possible, this facilitates active collaboration, transparency, and feedback.

Flexible engagement models (hourly, fixed-cost projects, dedicated teams)

ThinkODC provides immense flexibility when bringing on developer talent. Choose hourly contracting for short-term needs. Or you can set up fixed-bid milestones for project-based work. For longer horizons, define dedicated teams to operate as integrated extensions of your group. Adapt support levels as your priorities shift.

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Scalable talent pool to meet your growing needs

Digital needs fluctuate, so why lock yourself into fixed team sizes? Our flexible, unbundled model allows the right-sizing capacity for your immediate project needs. We can provide fully dedicated full-time equivalents or part-time team members. And we structure programs allowing upward or downward scaling on-demand so you always have optimal bandwidth.

Cost-effective compared to traditional in-house hiring.

ThinkODC’s dedicated developers cost significantly less than salaried hires while eliminating recruiting, infrastructure, training, and onboarding costs. And unlike outsourced contractors, you pay fixed monthly rates for consistent, long-term alignments tailored to your budget. This makes expanding your team easier and more affordable.

The Benefits of Choosing ThinkODC for Your Scaling Needs


Engaging ThinkODC for your software development needs offers compelling advantages:

Faster time-to-market

Instead of getting bogged down in lengthy recruitment procedures, you can rapidly spin up new projects with ThinkODC. Our pre-vetted talent pool helps build a dedicated development team tailored to your stack and launch products before competitors.

We understand that indecision can quickly lead to lost opportunities in today's markets. Our development teams work iteratively and ensure continuous delivery of working software to accelerate your time-to-market.

Enhanced productivity and efficiency

Your in-house resources can stay laser-focused on your core business and innovation while ThinkODC augments your development capacity on demand. Our teams seamlessly blend into your ways of working, tools, and processes to function as an integrated unit. We employ best practices like test automation, CI/CD, code reviews etc. to enhance quality and velocity.

Cost savings

Hiring dedicated developers through ThinkODC provides tremendous cost reductions compared to full-time employees. You save on expenses like HR, technical screening, recruitment fees, benefits, payroll management, infrastructure, and other overheads.

Our flexible engagement models allow you to right-size teams and only pay for the capacity that you actually need.

Quality and scalability

Sudden spikes or dips in workloads are easily managed due to ThinkODC’s vast on-demand talent network. Quickly ramp up extra capacity for time-bound campaigns or scale back based on seasonality.

No need to hire dedicated programmers full-time in anticipation of future growth. The elasticity makes it easier to respond to changing business cycles.

Streamlined communication

ThinkODC project managers ensure seamless collaboration between you and dedicated developers. We establish unambiguous communication protocols for transparency and accountability at all levels.

Developers directly participate in daily standups, plannings, retrospectives and other rituals to stay tightly synced with product owners and internal teams.

Peace of mind

When you engage ThinkODC, you offload the responsibilities of building and retaining high-performing teams to trusted experts. We handle tasks like technical screening, onboarding, and performance management so you can rest easy knowing your projects are in good hands.

Our proven vetting processes and project execution capabilities provide complete peace of mind.

Getting Started

If scaling software development capacity is crucial for your growth plans in 2024, engage with ThinkODC today to explore how our on-demand dedicated developers can help your business.

You can request a free consultation to discuss your specific project needs and challenges. We will partner with you to assemble best-fit development teams tailored to your technical stack and processes. Our solution architects will also help formulate cost-effective collaboration models that offer maximum flexibility.

ThinkODC has been a trusted technology partner for some of the most well-known global brands over our 12+ years in business. Our transparent processes and intelligence acquisition capabilities can provide unmatched velocity and cost efficiency.

Get in touch with us right now to find out more about how you can empower your business priorities by hiring an offshore development team.


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